County Innovation Network (COIN)

Members talk about COIN

COIN members talk about COIN - origins, features and the different use cases for government teams.

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Members talk about COIN: Collaboration and Innovation Network Overview

Bert Jarreau, Chief Innovation Officer, National Association of Counties and Phil Bertolini, Deputy County Executive/CIO at Oakland County, MI talk about how COIN began, goals, features and function, and how government members can benefit from the use of COIN.

Members talk about COIN: Small county benefits

Laurel Caldwell, ITS Director, Latah County, ID talks about COIN benefits to small counties.

Members talk about COIN: Sharing in State Associations

David Freeman, IT Director, Limestone County, AL talks about COIN is used in state associations to reach out, help and collaborate - starting with cybersecurity readiness. This can extend to all aspects of local government over time.

Members talk about COIN: COIN for professional associations

Brian C. Roberts, Executive Director, National Association of County Engineers, talks about how his organization uses COIN to energize the Committees and tap into the collective knowledge of their members.

Members talk about COIN: COIN for government members

Terri Jones, Government Marketing Manager, Hyland Software, talks about the different functions available to government members of COIN. She discusses practical uses and benefits.

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